This is a library of perfboard and single-sided PCB effect layouts for guitar and bass. I'm not an electrical engineer by any stretch of the imagination, just a DIY'er who likes drawing layouts. It is meant for the hobbyist (so commercial use of any of these layout is not allowed without permission) and as a way to give back to the online DIY community.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Lovepedal Purple Plexi 800

Here's another Lovepedal circuit. It's similar to the Black Magic, adding a frequency control, and is supposed to sound like a Marshall amp.


  1. realmente está funcionando?

    1. Eu não o construí eu mesmo, mas é verific por alguma outra pessoa

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    1. Hello Maurus.. Have you modified something on the circuit or did you do it like the image?

  3. work to me also , my mine is

  4. i use lm386 N-1 but the sound is so damn small..
    if i turn the volume and gain pot to max. not helping to increase the volume
    do u know how to fix it?

    the voltage through ic looks normal..

    pin 1 : 10.7 v
    pin 2 : 9.6 v
    pin 3 : 9.6 v
    pin 4 : 9.6 v
    pin 5 : 11 v
    pin 6 : 11.5 v
    pin 7 : 10.7 v
    pin 8 : 10.7 v

    is this normal ?
    could you please help me ?
    im a starter.. looks like the wiring is ok.

    i replace the 2.2 M resistor
    with 2 piece of 1 M in the same hole..
    also i replace the 370pf capacitor with 390pf ceramic capacitor.

    im pretty confused.. maybe you can help me friend.

  5. comments anybody ? maybe you have tips to me, to check first.
    im on dead end evrybody, could you please help ?

    1. It could be any number of things. Can you post some pics of your board? Have you tried taking an audio probe to it?

  6. so i need to probe all the legs resistor and the caps ? to check if there is no sound, then it is a cold solder.
    ok i will try that.

    is this also a solution to find out if resistor or caps is dead or not ?

    Thanks Dtgehring.. thanks for replying me..

    1. Yes, it should work for that as well. It's a good little tool to have on your bench.

  7. okay i already probe all leg in my circut<, also im using a looper before the love pedal. so i can hear music that i programmed on the looper instead of no sound.

    i found 2 problems, and i already fix it,
    but right now it feel strange since all leg are ok now but except the both BAT46 one side leg that are coming from the Volt input. the other leg of the BAT46 is ok.

    that leg from the 9v input is not showing any sound, but the other leg do.
    is it normal Dtgering ?

    1. i havent put it in the box, i just want to make sure if things are ok now.
      by not hearing the sound from one of two leg of the BAT46, need to confirm first.

    2. The main job of a diode is to direct current in one direction. Since those diodes are for polarity protection, their job is allow voltage to only go the direction the cathode (-) is pointing. So it's not surprising you aren't getting any sound anode (+) side. You should be good to go.

    3. one more last question before i put it on the box,
      i see your off board wiring, and i found that there is two ground in the board.

      one going to 3DPDT , and one going to ground DC jack.

      the question for the love pedal it has only one hole for Ground,
      can i use that one hole for both of going to DC jack and the foot switch ?


    4. also i see the cable from board ground is going into the sleeve of the output jack first then go to the footswitch ?

      is it correct ?
      and the sleeve of the jack input is not grounded with the sleeve of the output jack
      because the case was metal.

      is this also correct ?
      Thanks dtgehring.

    5. You might be over thinking this. Things can be grounded to the board, as long as the board is grounded to one of the jacks. Or you can ground everything to the jacks. It's really just a matter of builder preference. And wire order doesn't matter. Since there's just one ground pad on this layout, run a wire from the ground pad to one of the jack sleeves. Run a wire from the DC jack ground to one of the jack sleeves. Same with the 3PDT.

      If you're using an aluminum enclosure, the jacks you're using are plastic, the sleeves will be connected through the enclosure. Check with a multimeter to make sure though.

      Good luck!

  8. I can't find bat46 diode...
    Is there any substitute for BAT41 which is also difficult to find?

    1. 1n400X series. It's just for polarity protection

  9. Great pedal! Built one and love it! Thinking of take off the 470r "gain resistor" to get it less driven and more "plexi" since it's high gain all the "pot" way