This is a library of perfboard and single-sided PCB effect layouts for guitar and bass. I'm not an electrical engineer by any stretch of the imagination, just a DIY'er who likes drawing layouts. It is meant for the hobbyist (so commercial use of any of these layout is not allowed without permission) and as a way to give back to the online DIY community.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret

Here's the original Dirty Little Secret from Catalinbread. It's a great sounding overdrive that emulates the sound of a Marshall JTM45. The Rock/Rawk switch goes between two different gain settings, and this is a good candidate to be run at 18v for more headroom.


  1. Great! This one is the best incarnation of the DLS, sounds really great

  2. can i use Q1-6:j201
    no 2n5457 around here

  3. Verified.I used 2sk303 jfet.
    One thing, on the solder side of the perf board,holes for 3nf cap are missing.

  4. I built the pcb for this. Really nice layout and the pedal fired up right away. Looking at the drill template, I don't know if it's going to fit with the switch without the switch lugs touching the board, there doesn't seem to be enough clearance with the board mounted pots. Anyone try it yet?

  5. Can you layout another Marshall in a Box (MIAB)? I love sound of Carl Martin Plexitone, it's very sweet and have high gain. Hope you can layout CMPT :D