This is a library of perfboard and single-sided PCB effect layouts for guitar and bass. I'm not an electrical engineer by any stretch of the imagination, just a DIY'er who likes drawing layouts. It is meant for the hobbyist (so commercial use of any of these layout is not allowed without permission) and as a way to give back to the online DIY community.

Friday, September 11, 2015

ColorSound Bass Fuzz

Here is the ColorSound Bass Fuzz for today's #fuzzfriday post. It's pretty much an amputated Big Muff. It's been tuned for bass guitar and has the gain recovery stage removed (for simplicity I suppose... that and the BMP can be just excessively loud). The first gain stage also doesn't have the typical diodes a normal BMP has.


  1. Build this one with bc549b. It's the third fuzz i've build and all those pedals got a "AM radio" strange noise that apears when you stop playin'. Am I doing something wrong?

    1. Is your build shielded at all? Boxed in an aluminum enclosure?

    2. Yes. I think that my cheap generic power supply needs a power filter.
      After some research found this issue. I'm starter (5 builds until now) so excuse me for the beginners silly questions.

    3. Any power filter project in this temple of superb diy projects?